Song of Avalon

A Grove of Wise Women and Men

"Song of Avalon"

The Path of the Wise Woman and Man

We are a grove (not a coven) of likeminded people walking the Pagan Path. We are Wiccan, Witches, Wise Woman and some who choose not to label themselves in a particular tradition or denomination. We gather for ritual at the Sabbats and Esbats and to revel in each other’s energy. We support each other and choose this venue to practice our spirituality.

In 2012 Unity Healing House LLC, (owned and operated by Tanja Wampler) opened its doors to the need of its spiritual community. Its growth is a true testament to the changes that are happening all over the world. To find a place where one can be spiritual without the dogma of religious strong hold. UHH has offered the community that place.

We have now reached a point in our spiritual growth, where Pagans of all traditions, may have a place where we can follow a path that is more structured and aids in the growth of the practicing Pagan. “Song of Avalon” will offer courses to anyone interested in following the “Path of the Wise Woman and Man”.

Litha - Summer Solstice

In June, on the 21st or 22nd, we celebrate the Summer Solstice (also called Litha or Midsummer). At this time the sun is strong and each evening is just a little longer. On the evening of the Solstice, the sun is at its strongest for the year. From that day on, the sunlight fades just a little quicker each evening. It is a reminder that although the summer stretches before us there is much to be done. If our Ancestors wanted to ensure a good harvest (which was essential to survival) they had to tend to the crops. 

This is a time for revelry and fun, for soon there will be much work to be done. When the crops mature and ripen, they will be harvested. The crops still growing will be tended and often new crops will be planted in place of those already harvested. 

At this time the battle of the Oak King (to represent Summer) and the Holly King (Winter) is re-enacted by many Pagan groups to show that although the hottest days lay ahead, Winter is gaining strength. 

**We are proud to announce that Song of Avalon's Elders  are now Members 

of The Order Of Bards, Ovates and Druids!**

Song Of Avalon events are hosted by Unity Healing House Atlantic Reiki Center unless otherwise stated: 

307 Branchport Ave

Long Branch NJ 07740


June 2017

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