Song of Avalon

A Grove of Wise Women and Men

Song of Avalon -

The Path of the Wise Woman and Man

Song of Avalon will offer a 13 month course for the serious student looking to enhance her/his studies in the ways of the Wise Woman/Man. This initiation course will teach you how to walk the path with an intimate connection to all of nature and your place in it. A deeper understanding of your connection to the divine and your intricate part in it!! With classes, workshops and retreats you will journey to Elder status.  

What does it mean to be a Member in Song of Avalon?

Our Grove will provide you with support and structure during your Pagan path, with classes, workshops, rituals and events. Our Elders are always available for questions, concerns and guidance.

Member requirements:

*Attending “Ethics on the Spiritual Path” class

*Attending "History of Modern Paganism" class

*Attending 3 Full Moon Ritual

*Attending 3 Sabbats

*Attending 3 Pagan oriented classes.

Once you fulfilled your requirements, we will schedule an interview process with all of our Elders of the Grove. Upon the completion of your interview you will be notified at the next upcoming Ritual of your Active Membership status. Once you have achieved your "Active Membership" status, you will have the opportunity to play a greater part in our community by helping the Elders with rituals, serving in our Community Outreach Programs, becoming an intricate part in our Grove!

13 month Initiation Program

If you are interested in developing an even deeper level on your spiritual journey, we offer a 13 month Initiation Program. There are 3 levels in this program and each level will require a 13 month commitment. Each level begins with an interview process similar to the one you had during your Active Membership status. After your interview the Grove Elders will determine, based on the interview process, your eligibility into the 13 month program. Upon acceptance you will be offered an Elder as your Mentor and during that time you will work on duties and requirements outlined in your handbook. After your successful completion at the end of your 13 months, we will celebrate your achievement with all active members in an initiation ritual. 

Initiation Levels:

Initiate - Once you achieved this level your responsibilities in the Grove will increase and aid you on your journey to a deeper understanding of your chosen path. 

Dedicate - Working towards a Dedicate level, brings your commitment to a higher and more sacred level. As a Dedicate Student you will dedicate yourself to a Deity/Deities of your choosing. This level will give you a deeper understanding of your sacred self.

Elder - Being in the Elder program, will allow you to bring your knowledge of what it means to be a practicing Pagan to the Pagan community. By achieving this level you will be able to teach, mentor and potentially create your own Grove. This level will allow you a deeper understanding of your part in the Pagan community.

We are gender neutral and inclusive group, who will NOT tolerate any bias, prejudice or intolerance towards any member of our community!

For more detailed information on this course please contact Tanja Wampler, Elder or call 732.996.9603

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