Song of Avalon

A Grove of Wise Women and Men

Mission statement:

Our goal here at “Song of Avalon” is to dispel the archaic notion of Paganism, Witchcraft, Witches, Wise Women/Men and its numerous branches. We are here to educate and return to the true meaning of what it is to be a practicing Pagan, in all its various forms.

With classes, workshops, rituals, events and courses we strive to rebuild the structures of this Ancient Religion, the Old Ways, in this New World! 

We will bring forth the wisdom passed down through the ages, and we will pick up where our ancestors left off. We too will stand under that same Full Moon with our hands raised in reverence and humility, honor the Ways of our Ancestors and bridge all time and space to connect us together once more!! 

Meet Our Elders. 

All of our Elders are Dedicated to Brighid and work in service to her and to the community. Each one is an Interfaith Minister and a Member of The Order of Bards, Druids and Ovates. Combined, the Elders have over three quarters of a century of study, practice and experience. 

Meet The Elders

Tanja Wampler


 “Song of Avalon” is the heart song of Tanja Wampler a fourth generation Wise Woman and practicing Pagan. She is the founder of Song of Avalon. Tanja grew up in the shadows of the Black Forest in rural Germany. Her paternal grandparents, hailed from County Mayo and County Roscommon in Ireland, and her connection to the “Fae” intensified on a pilgrimage to the “Holy Land”, when she felt her DNA awaken and heard the Tuatha whisper her name. Her love of nature and all things mystical, led her to pick up where her ancestors left off. Tanja’s goal is to change the view of the modern practicing Pagan, whatever tradition one chooses. A practicing Pagan of the Celtic Tradition herself, she uses her experience and knowledge to educate and empower. Tanja is a member of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids and is an interfaith minister.

Personal Mission Statement - "My mission with the birth of "Song of Avalon", is to create a new and fresh approach to the Ways of the Wise Woman and Man, to resonate in harmony with the New World. A world where Pagans from all traditions are welcome and their voices heard. The world is changing and change is good. The Pagan community is growing and searchers are looking for a place to call home. I will strive to pass on that which was passed down to me and how it needs to be modified to resonate in this new world, this new paradigm we so eagerly awaited. To honor our ancestors, the Gods and Goddesses with respect, reverence and myrth!"

Sharon O'Brien


Sharon has been a practicing Pagan in the Celtic tradition for many, many years. She comes from a family that included psychic mediums, card readers and intuitives and where her Irish culture was strongly present. The home she was raised in had a reverence for the Mother, acknowledged the Other World, The Ancestors and the Fae. She developed a deep love of, and respect for, nature - especially animals and trees - while still a toddler and it grew as she did with the strong encouragement of her family.  An interest in comparative religion and spirituality, combined with a thirst for knowledge, drove her to study different paths and traditions with a focus on earth based spiritually of different cultures, but in particular pre Christian Celtic traditions. As a practitioner of The Old Ways, she is a devotee of Brighid and works closely with the Ancestors, Fae Realm and the Tuatha De Danaan. She maintains a daily practice which keeps her connection strong. Sharon loves teaching others, as she finds that doing so helps her share her passion as well as learn from her students. She hopes that through education, outreach and example, the world view of Paganism and Witchcraft will be changed for the better. Sharon is also a member of The Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids and is an interfaith minister. 

Personal Mission Statement: "My mission, especially within Song of Avalon, is to help empower others on their path. It is my desire to represent the Old Ways in a positive light. I strive to uphold the principles and values of my path while honouring the Ancestors and the Tuatha De Danaan. I hope to be able to bring forth the ways of the Wise Woman/Man in a way suitable for this place and time while staying true to the roots. And, in all of this, it

Sandra Edrie


Sandy grew up in a location of central NJ that had easy access to forests. It was there that she discovered her love and adoration for Mother Earth, and awoke to her true spiritual calling. For roughly 20 years, Sandy has lived a life dedicated to Great Spirit/God/dess/All That Is, through honor and respect for the planet that holds us and sustains us. Sandy identifies as a neo-Pagan, Witch, a student of herbalism, and a dedicant to the Goddess Brighid, among others. Sandy has been practicing the art of tarot for 17 years. Her style combines elements of traditional readings with non-traditional “free form” readings. Herbalism has been of great interest to Sandy for as far back as she can remember. While steadfastly holding onto the title of “student,” Sandy loves to share and pass on the information she has gathered over many years of wandering the woods, making herbal teas, and opening herself to the knowledge of plants. As a dedicant to Brighid, Sandy honors the arts and crafts as sacred. Sandy is an artisan soap maker, crafts her own creams, balms, tinctures, vinegars, etc., and is the former owner of Red Moon Rising Soap Co. LLC.  After years of eclectic spiritual practice, Sandy has found herself firmly planted on the path of The Wise Woman in the way of her ancient ancestors; her Celtic and pre-Celtic ancestors in particular. Sandra is also an interfaith minister. 

Personal Mission Statement: "My mission here is, above all else, to hold safe and sacred space for others to walk their own personal paths of self-discovery and exploration. I endeavor to use the experiences and teachings that I have collected, to allow others the freedom to learn and explore in a non-judgmental, supportive and creative environment that nurtures curiosity and growth on all levels."

Song of Avalon offers many services to the Spiritual Community. These are just of few of the wonderful things you will find:

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