Song of Avalon

A Grove of Wise Women and Men

August 30th Dailiy Acorn:

Blessed BEE! Our sacred pollinators have been honored for thousands of years as priestesses of the Goddess Earth. In ancient Crete and Greece, priestesses of the wild Goddesses of Earth were known as "Melissa," meaning "honey bee."

September 10, 2015


A quick, easy and inexpensive divination tool is a book. Simply pick a book (preferable an inspirational title) and think about your question. Then, still meditation on your request, flip through the book with your eyes closed. When it feels right, stop and place your finger on the page. Read what is printed there. This often offers guidance, insight or answers to your questions. 

September 12, 2015

The Stare

If you're having trouble meditating, turning off, or just not able to quiet the mind for even just a minute, practice this method! You used to do it as a child, without thought or direction.Whenever your brain needed downtime, you naturally got "The Stare". You would kinda focus your eyes on an object or thing and have that look that could not be broken by outside stimuli. You heard every word spoken, you were present of where you were and who was around you....yet at the same time you where in this world, but not part of it! Practice the method of "The Stare" by lighting a candle, getting comfortable and stare at the flame until your eyes naturally develop the Stare......stay in that state, allowing any and all thoughts to pass through without care. This may only last 2 or 3 minutes, but with practice this method of "BEING" can last longer and longer. Allowing your brain to rest......try it!!!

September 14, 2015

Chakra Tune Up

If you feel that your chakras need a quick "tune up", you can do it simply enough - in the shower! Imagine the shower water as a brilliant white light. Next, see it change into the colour of each chakra - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Imagine any imbalance is adjusted and any "sludge" flows down the drain to be transformed by Mother Earth. Finish with brilliant white light and you are good to go. When done regularly, this takes merely seconds. 

September 15, 2015

Black Salt

Black salt is a protective powder made from sea salt and a combination of other items, typically from the household. Traditionally, it would have been made from the scrapings of the iron pot or pan used to cook meals and ashes from the hearth. Today, we can use these additives as well as ashes from incense and sage. You can also crush up a charcoal disc used for burning incense and add that to the salt. Concentrate on protection as you mix the items together. Sprinkle it by each entrance to the home, put a vial in your car and/or carry it with you. It is also helpful for setting boundaries which are broached by others at home or in the workplace. It is also said that black salt can help mitigate the effects of Mercury Retrograde. 

September 17, 2015


Whatever it is you're working on. A spell (prayer, intention, manifestation), magic (using the elements/energies of nature for a specific outcome) or any ritual, make sure you use an "Intention"!!! For Example - Making a friend a cup of tea, because they came to you about their problems. Pour the hot water with the intention of easing his/her troubles, pain or sorrow! Put your hands over the cup and bless it with compassion, kindness and love!! Add certain spices to a cake you're making for a loved one in the hospital, add them by chanting a healing prayer or mantra, stir the batter with thoughts of a full and speedy recovery!! Make a dream pillow for someone with insomnia, by singing a lullaby and infusing thoughts of peaceful sleep and gentle dreams into each and every stitch. INTENTION is the true magickal workings in all of your endeavors......have fun with it and be mindful of your thoughts, feelings and words!! 

September 18, 2015

Mercury in Retrograde September 17th- October 9th

We could all just lay down and allow the energies of this astronomical event to defeat us and bring us in to a submissive state. Poor me...Mercury is messing with me. Getting angry because we are not being understood or are easy to fly off the handle. Allowing our emotions i.e. frustrations to take hold when our computer doesn't cooperate, our cell phones are on the fritz or any mechanical issue drive us into a fury!! We could....
Let's not....lets...
USE the powers of Mercury RE-trograde to be our driving force in this time frame to....
re-examine your life
re-visit old behavior and relationships
re-think choices made and ones we are ready to make still, rest in the now, no need to make plans
re-lax  when things don't go your way and
re-group...don't be so hard on yourself and others
re-alize that this is only temporary.....that everything is only temporary and when we use the time while Mercury is in Retrograde we give ourselves permission to do the same. Mercury is not actually going backwards it is still moving forward but "appears" to go backward as the other planets around it speed up in orbit. So we too have the "illusion" of going backward, things of the past seem to come up, all things technical seem to be giving us a hard or difficult time. Communications of all kind, texts, phone calls, meetings, family, relationships etc. seem to be confusing or hurtful. Be patient with yourself and others. 

Sept 30

Holy Water

You can make your own holy/sacred water. 
Obtain the water that calls to you.....collecting rainwater after a storm, a full Moon, or any special astrological, seasonal or agricultural event. From a healing well you visited or organic, pure spring water.
Obtain salt that calls to you....dead sea salt, kosher, Himalayan, black sea etc. Try not to use iodine salt.
Create sacred space.... calling in the directions, your deities you work with i.e. God/ddess, Angels, Fairies, Elementals ect. to aid in your work.
Set the bowl of water in the center or altar of your sacred space, hold your hands over it and infuse the water with the energy of ....purification, protection, cleansing, healing! 
Do the same with the bowl of salt.
Add three sprinkles of salt to the water and chant whatever feels right to YOU!!! Don't get caught up in right or wrong, as long as your intention is to create water to purify, protect and heal, this will be the result! You may use the water for any healing spells, blessings, protections and purification work. Keep it in a dark bottle and in a cool place.  When and If you discard the water, always pour it on to the earth with a blessing and a prayer of gratitude. 

Oct 1, 2015

The Ancestors

Many traditions include some form of reverence for the Ancestors. October is the time of year when communication with the Other Side is easier. In Celtic Pagan belief, The Ancestors are in the Summerlands - or Tir Na nOg, land of eternal youth. During October, the veil between this world and the Summerlands thins as we move toward Samhain, the new Year. On that day, we honour the Ancestors and invite them to join us. It is a solemn and beautiful time when the presence of those we loved is truly felt. 

The energy at this time feels different, more magickal and almost electric. The Ancestors add their energy to ours and connect with us in a very real way. There are many ways to connect with them at this time. Cook their favourite foods, make an Ancestral Altar, talk with them - use your imagination! Know that our loved ones still walk with us and hear us. 

Oct 2, 2015

Protection Pouch

Having to attend events for family, friends or work is something all of us have to do. Even if these events are not something we would LIKE to attend! Work or family obligations are part of life. How do WE (sensitives, empaths, intuitive etc) protect ourselves from unwanted energies or vibrations, i.e. negative comments, racism, bigotry, gossip and you know the occasional snide remark directed at us. Wearing a "Protection Pouch" or medicine bag (can be bought in any new age store) can alleviate, deflect and protect us in any situation. You can fill a small organza, leather or cotton bag with; Sage for purification,  Rosemary for protection, Selenite for negative energy, any charms you feel protect you. Say a prayer over your pouch, stick it in your pocket and head to your event!! You are now "immune" to any negative assault and are able to enjoy the occasion.

Oct 3, 2015

Using dried herbs to purify is a practice that has been done as far back as we can recall and by many cultures. It clears the energy in a space or around your aura.

Traditionally, a dried bundle of protective herbs would be used. The most commonly found smudging bundles available is made from sage, but you can make your own using whatever herbs you feel called to use. Some good choices are sage, rosemary, lavender, sweetgrass or woods like cedar or Palo Santo. Put the herb bundle in a fireproof container (abalone shells are good for this) and light it. Go around your area in a anti-clockwise direction to rid the area of energy and a clockwise direction to bring in energy. Leave a window cracked for the stagnant energy to exit. A traditional way to cleanse is to smudge in the four directions asking for their protection and then center, above and below. 

Take care, as the smudging bundle can be smoky. Each herb has a particular connection, so do some research to see what will work best for you.


Working with the days of the week can add more energy to your intentions.

Sunday is associated with the Sun. Masculine energy. Strength. The colour yellow or gold. It is also good for bringing something to light and clarity. Workings for success, career, job and goals is appropriate. Finding lost objects, lighting the way and connecting with the divine masculine are also good. 

Try working intents with colour associations, phase of the moon and days of the week when possible.        


When you are embarking on a new journey of the spirit, take a moment to really consider what calls to you. There is much information available on the internet and elsewhere. Read and research, but hold each bit of information up to the light of discernment. Does it resonate with you personally? If not, feel free to discard it for now. You can always come back to it later. In the end, you need to be true to yourself and your ideals. Walk with what sings to your soul. 


Divination tools - runes, tarot, oracle cards and so on - are useful on the journey to self discovery. These do not necessarily "predict the future" although they can point to likely outcomes. More often they will show the energy around you and the influences that are affecting you at this moment. Nothing is written in stone - you have the ability to change your course. 

When picking a system of divination, go with what calls to you. Maybe you had a relative who read tea leaves. Perhaps you were always fascinated by cards. Find one and work with it before moving to the next. Don't look at the "book meanings" for cards such as the tarot right away. Form your own relationship. Not every form of divination will call to you, but when you find the right one it will become a trusted friend.


Crystal Energy can help us in many areas of our lives. Crystals hold memories, vibrations and energy. Choose a crystal you feel called to and hold it in your hand. Notice how you feel. Once you have chosen a crystal, program it to help you with whatever you need. Hold it in your hand (it doesn't matter which - use your intuition!) and tell it what its function will be. For example, if you want hematite to help ground you, say so. Ask it to hold that program until told otherwise (so, if you ask it for protection later on, it will not forget about grounding you!). Keep the crystal on you for at least 21 days. 

You can just intuitively pick a crystal that "calls" to you (this is never wrong - and often the best way to see what energy you need) or consult one of the many lists in books or online. 

Crystals are living things - treat them with love and respect and they will be happy to help you! 


When looking for books and information about Paganism, look beyond the New Age section. You will find tons of information in the history, anthropology, mythology and sociology sections. Be discerning about the sources of what you are reading - some may have their own agenda. For example, when reading about the the Druids, keep in mind that what has been committed to writing was set to pen by outsiders observing the Druids, not the Druids themselves. Mythology always gives you a glimpse into the people of the past. Keep an open mind and read as much as you can. 


Working with the Wheel of the Year can greatly enhance your connection to Spirit. Each season has its own energy, lessons and thoughts to ponder. 

In the Northern Hemisphere, the Sabbats are as follows (dates approximate - each falls from Sunset to Sunset):

December 21 - Yule

February 1- Imbolc

March 20  Ostara

May 1 - Beltane

June 21 - Summer Solstice

August 1 - Lughnassadh

September 21 - Mabon

October 31 - Samhain


Spring is in the Air!

Although there are still cold days and the snow may not be finished, the taste of spring is here. It is a good time to consider what intentions you wish to set for the coming season. What will you plant? What do you wish to reap? 

You can do this symbolically. Think of what you want to bring to fruition and write it down. "Plant" it in some soil (or simply leave it on your altar). Feed it with your energy and whatever else you feel drawn to (such as oils, incense, etc). You can plant the paper in the ground if you wish to, allowing the Earth to feed it. Work toward your goal in whatever way you need to (for instance, if you want to write a book, actually get to writing!). 

It is also traditional to clear your space of unwanted energy. This involves rolling up your sleeves and doing a mundane as well as spiritual cleansing. This allows proper flow to your intention. 

Spring symbolizes new beginnings. Why not learn something new? 

Try a different method of divination for example. If you are a Tarot Pro, try Runes. Or pick up a pack of ordinary playing cards and learn to read those. 

Learn how to sew or knit. These come in handy for all sorts of craft related items. 

Learn about the plants and trees in your area. Watch the birds and wildlife. 

Any of these can help you get in touch with your spiritual side. 


The heat of the summer is beginning to cool. The sun slants in a different way. Each evening gets a little darker a little earlier. 

September is a nostalgic time for many people. We recall when the cooling temperatures and darker evenings signaled a return to school. For our Ancestors it was a time to turn serious thought to the winter ahead. 

Crops that were carefully planted and lovingly tended are now hopefully abundant. The first Harvest at Lughnassadh saw the beginning of that abundance. The Autumnal Equinox - Mabon - is the second Harvest. Our Ancestors depended on that abundance to see them through the long cold months ahead. At this time they would gather the crops and give thanks. Festivals were held sharing the crops and joining in meals prepared with gratitude. Time was put aside for canning and preserving what could be stored. Plans were made for the final seasonal Harvest at Samhain. For now, however, we give thanks. 

At this time, turn your thoughts to what you have reaped. The seeds you planted at Ostara are ripe now. Take a moment and be grateful for your many blessings. Enjoy your abundance. 


The days are crisp during this time of the year and the evenings are perfect for hot apple cider and bonfires. Trees are resplendent. Everything seems to have an Ancient feel. 

Samhain is the last harvest of the season. Now is when we pull in the last of the crops that were sown. For our Ancestors it was so important to have enough for the long months ahead. What wasn't immediately used could be preserved and, if necessary, shared with neighbours. 

Many traditions (especially Celtic) see this as the New Year. Anything you would normally do for the secular New Year can apply here as well. 

We honour our Ancestors at this time. Those who have gone to the Summerlands are remembered; their presence is felt. This normally occurs throughout the month but culminates in the feast of Samhain which begins at sundown on October 31st. During the day we can light candles and call out the names of loved ones. We share stories. We remember. We can honour them in many ways but one of the oldest traditions involves the Dumb Supper. At sundown, we prepare a meal that includes those particularly enjoyed by our loved ones. When setting the table a place is set for the Ancestors. When we sit for the meal, we call to them and invite them to sit with us. Then, we continue with the meal in silence. We serve their plates as if they were physically here. When the meal is over, we thank them and bid them farewell. Their plates can be placed outside for wildlife. 

Samhain is one of the more somber sabbats on the Wheel of the Year.