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Here you will find some of the most commonly asked questions and some answers.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. We will do our best to answer your question or get you the information that you need. We invite dialogue - and this is a no judgement zone!

What is Paganism?

The simple explanation is that Paganism is a nature based spiritual path. The name "Pagan" comes from the Roman word Paganus meaning roughly "Of the countryside" or "country dweller". The people in the rural areas of England, Scotland, Ireland and other areas were generally people who lived close to the land. Their spiritual beliefs were closely tied to the earth and to nature. Today, "Pagan" is like the trunk of a tree whose branches include Wicca, Witchcraft, Druidism, Shamanism and so on. The term usually refers to the pre-Christian beliefs of a culture.

Do you worship the devil?

Pagans do not believe in that particular entity. As Sandra Bullock’s character in Practical Magic, Sally, stated - “There is no devil in the craft.” In fact, many Pagans will tell you that they don’t actually worship their deities. They have a relationship with them. It is like having a very wise friend that you can talk to and work with towards a goal. The devil is from another pantheon entirely. Unless you work within the framework of that pantheon, then the devil has no bearing. That is like telling a Baptist that they actually worship Apollo. It doesn’t apply. For those who then claim that the devil disguises himself as other beings, again, no. Sorry. That is like telling the Baptist that Apollo is actually disguising himself as their god in order to deceive them. It is not in the belief system of that person so it will not compute. (No offense meant to Apollo - I simply used his name for illustration. I am not, repeat, not equating him with any being known as the devil.)

Do you worship Nature?

Most Pagans have a strong kinship with nature. We believe that we are connected to all things. Nature also follows a rhythm. It awakens, it thrives, it produces, it readies itself for sleep and it goes dormant. As stated above, Pagans do not really worship, but rather we work in harmony with other energies. Nature provides a model for us to observe. It also allows us to follow a rhythm of our own as we take time to plant seeds (actual crops or ideas or whatever), nurture, tend and harvest. A Pagan's relationship with nature and all within is often very respectful, sacred and caring. It is symbiotic. But no, we do not worship nature.

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What does your pentacle mean? Isn't it an evil symbol?

The pentacle is a very old symbol. The Christians used it and in the 1500’s it was illustrated on knight’s shields (such as in the case of Sir Gawain). It wasn’t until very recently that the pentacle, or pentagram (pentacle is a pentagram surrounded by a circle, a pentagram is the five pointed star itself) was associated with “evil”. It is believed that occultists of the 19th century began using the ancient symbol inverted to denote Baphomet, the goat headed god. It was also adopted, inverted, by early Satanists (no, not devil worshipers, there is a distinction, but that is for another conversation). It became associated with the occult and therefore deemed “evil” by the church. Today, it is a federally recognized religious symbol for the military and can be placed on military graves. What the pentacle symbolizes is the elements, Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit (points on the pentacle, Spirit being the single topmost point). The circle of a pentacle denotes unity. There are some who will say that Spirit pointed up is the correct way, with Spirit at the highest point. They say that if the point is inverted it signifies an imbalance, placing Spirit at the lowest point. Wiccans may use an inverted pentacle to show the level of initiation. Most commonly, however, the point for Spirit is pointed up. 

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