Song of Avalon

A Grove of Wise Women and Men

Here is a list of our Upcoming Events and Workshops! All events are hosted by Unity Healing House Atlantic Reiki Center unless otherwise noted - 307 Branchport Ave. Long Branch NJ 

We are on! You can register there, or find us on Facebook as well! 

***Please note: We value all of our friends and their time is important to us. Most of our events, workshops and rituals have a two hour running time. Some begin with a meditation. In order to maximize the allotted time and not interrupt any meditations, we respectfully request that you arrive by the starting time stated for each event. Thank you for choosing to spend some time with us!***

Full Moon Ritual 

Tues. Sept. 5th, 7-9PM

We will gather in ritual to celebrate the Full Moon and our connection to All-That-Is. In this setting we will discuss this month’s Full Moon name and its history along and how our ancestors honored and celebrated this time of the month. We will commence for ritual and with the traditional “breaking of the bread” by sharing food, our thoughts and discussing our experiences. Please bring a small dish to share. Call for reservations, due to limited space 732.996.9603 Or 732.610.9676

$10.00 includes materials

The Sabbats, of the Wheel of the Year

Tues. Sept. 12th 7-9PM

                                               An 8 part series

(2nd of 8)

In this 8 part series we will delve into each Sabbat of the eight, on the Pagan Wheel of the Year. We will explore the reason for its place on the wheel and its deeper meaning. The holy/days marking the Sabbats are based on a pre-Christian tradition of the Celtic inspired Pantheon. Each month we will examine the potential origin of a Sabbat, its purpose and how we can incorporate these markers in time into our lives. Please bring journal and pen. All materials included $25.00   

 Call for your reservation 732.571.5011  

Applied Ethics

Fri. Sept. 29th, 7-9PM


As Spiritual beings, our goal is to walk our path in as compassionate and ethical manner as possible. But, what exactly are ethics and how do they apply? We have all heard of the Golden Rule and the Law of Three, but there is much more to consider. Every tradition and culture has it’s own guidelines. How do we ensure that our actions, magickal and mundane, are ethical? If there are no “commandments” in your belief system, where do you find guidance? How do we know if someone we go to for guidance is ethical? What about community interactions? How do we apply this to our everyday lives? This workshop will discuss how to apply ethics to situations we face on the path as well as in our daily lives. It will explore what it means to be ethical in our practice. All levels of experience will find this useful. Go beyond the Law of Three and explore this complex subject.